3 Salesforce Tips to Save you Time: Part 3

Salesforce tips to save you time

Welcome back for our third and final Salesforce tip to save you time. These are tips from the insiders: the StarrData team! Last week we taught you how to create a dynamic report link, and the week before we shared a little known tip about creating a secret tab.

For our final tip, our team would like to share with you a way to save you time while creating mass emails.

Tip #3: Using Formulas in Email Templates:

If you are sending a marketing email, but would like it to say statement a if a certain statement is valid about the recipient, and statement b if that statement is false, you can send one email to achieve this.

By using formula functions like (IF, CONTAINS, CASE & TEXT) within an email template you can create some basic logic. For example, if you want the email to contain a statement if the value of one field equals True, but another statement if the same field equals False.

  1. First create an email template as normal. (Text or HTML)
  2. Create the formula as you would for an actual Formula field, Validation Rule, or Workflow.
    1. Just make sure that the formula is between “{!” formula goes here “}”.
  3. Now place the following formula where you want it to show up on the template. The formula will look something like this. {!If(Object.FieldName__c, "This is a true statement", "This is a false statement")}
  4. Save your email template.
  5. Make sure you test the new email template to ensure the formula is working correctly, before sending out to an actual recipient.

Now you can build one template instead of two! Because you are a busy person!


Would you like to learn more ways to save time?

Here is our Guide to Salesforce Best Practices:

Click Here for the Salesforce Best Practices Guide!


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Posted by Andy Andy Jacobs

Andy Jacobs

Andy Jacobs

Posted: February 25, 2016

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