3 Salesforce Tips to Save You Time: Part 2

Salesforce tips to save you time

We're back for the second installation of favorite hacks from our StarrData engineers!

We want you to become a major Salesforce whiz by learning Salesforce tips to save you time. Last week, we shared how you can use secret tabs for a one-time use.

This week, reporting!

Tip #2: Dynamic Report Link

Say you want a quick way to see only the “Closed Won” Opportunities on a single Account. You can do so by creating a Dynamic Report Link or Button on the Account record. The Dynamic report will pull the account ID from the record you click the link or button from, and place in the current report. Here is how to do it:

  1. Create the report based on your requirements. In this case: Opportunities that equal Closed Won. Now before you add this filter criteria for the Closed Won Opportunities, add the filter criteria of Account ID equals Null (basically leave the Value part blank). Save the report.
  2. Copy the report ID. That is the last 15 characters in the URL address that you get when saving the report. (example: https://na1.salesforce.com/00O10000001gL52)
  3. Create a Custom button or link, make sure you select Content Source is URL.
  4. Now insert the report ID: /00O10000001gL52?pv0={Account.Id}
    1. The pv0 represents the Value that we left blank in the report. This is where the Account ID from the Account you clicked the link or button from is.
    2. Make sure you add only the report id, not the https://na1.salesforce.com/ part of the url, to keep it dynamic across server updates.
  5. Now you can save the custom button. You will get a warning that the button or link will not be available until you add it to the page layout.
  6. Place link or button on the Account page layout.

Now when you click the link or button, a report will open with only the Closed Won Opportunities from the Account record. Ta-da!


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And stay tuned next week for Part 3 of 3, another Salesforce tip from the StarrData team!


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Posted by Andy Andy Jacobs

Andy Jacobs

Andy Jacobs

Posted: February 18, 2016

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