3 Salesforce Tips to Save You Time: Part 1

Salesforce tips to save you time


So you want to be a Salesforce whiz, huh?

Do you dream of getting more out of the time you put into navigating Salesforce?

Then what could be better than getting inside the heads of the engineers from StarrData to bring you their 3 favorite Salesforce tips to save you time?

These "hacks" aren't in your manual, they come straight from the minds of our Engineers who do all development for our clients. They are the ones responsible for those perfect ratings we keep getting from our customers!


Tip #1: Secret Tab

Creating an object Tab allows you to create views from which you can view and manage the records in the object. What happens if you really don’t need a Tab for this one object, but for this one time you need to create a List View? Since you are limited to the number of custom Tabs you can have within your Org., there is no need to waste one, especially if you are not going to need it again.

Just try the following trick: All you have to do is go to your URL bar, and after the ".com/" enter the 3 character prefix of the object. The prefix is easy to find, it is the first three characters in the ID of any record in the object. When you do this, you'll be on a "secret" tab that you otherwise can't navigate to.

This secret URL method is also useful for updating default record type permissions on otherwise inaccessible profiles.


Stay tuned next week for Part 2 of 3, another Salesforce tip from the StarrData team!


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Posted by Andy Andy Jacobs

Andy Jacobs

Andy Jacobs

Posted: February 11, 2016

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